Weather in Iceland

If you are going to Iceland, it is an absolute must to know about the weather in Iceland. We finally managed to find the weather forecast in Iceland in English!

Anyway, if you are going to Iceland, why not learn some Icelandic? 


The best way to do so is to talk about the weather in Iceland, the favorite conversation topic of every Icelander! In Iceland, the weather is never the same for 5 minutes in a row, they say.  Sometimes there is rain, snow and even sunshine within the same minute. However, it is always windy in Iceland. So be sure to take adequate clothes and shoes with you. Be prepared for the worst and for the best.

This is the weather map most Icelanders rely on, courtesy of Mbl.



The rule of thumb is that when the weather is clear in the South, it is overcast in the North, and vice-versa. When the wind blows from the North, it is cold in the Akureyri area, but the Reykjavík area will enjoy a sunny spell. The climate is generally speaking oceanic, of course, since most people live around the coast. Still you get glimpses of a continental climate when you go to places far inland, such as Gullfoss and Geysir, or Thingvellir.

The golden rule remains the same: Be prepared!

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