All you ever wanted to know about Iceland... and then some!

Iceland is an island right between two continents. The Gulf Stream makes it inhabitable, even though the island browses the Arctic Circle. Because of its geographical situation, it has sometimes been called a bridge between Europe and America, a stepping-stone between two different worlds, the old one and the new.

In fact, the inhabitants possess a highly original and unique culture, and there is nothing quite like this new-born island, where you can witness the creative processes of nature up close, complete with active volcanoes, shifting glaciers and dreamy wilderness wastelands.

This country was little known a century or so ago, but in a fast-changing world, it has become a place of interest for those who wish to study or work in a new environment. Downtown Reykjavík is a melting-pot where a great variety of languages can be heard on a sunny day. It is a challenging place for student exchange, and as unemployment is unknown, there are plenty of jobs to be had if the fancy takes you.

As for the countryside, it has become a popular place for vacationing, an absolute must for river-rafters, glacier climbers, mountain bike champions, 4x4-drivers, bird watchers, salmon and trout lovers and other adventurers.

Icelandic society can seem a little obscure to the newcomer. If you are an expat and feel a bit lost, you may find useful information in these pages. If you are feeling adventurous and thinking of changing places, you've landed on the right site.

So, here goes...

News from Iceland
Daily news from Iceland in English
A Site Map to search the HOMEPAGE all sorts of information...
Indicators for Icelandic Economy
Indicators for Icelandic Economy
Had enough of unemployment? Want to try something completely different? The Iceland labour market might be your opportunity...
Nature and Iceland
Nature in Iceland has long been renowned as a natural haven, far from the pollution of the modern world. Is this just another cliché?
Icelandic culture
Icelandic culture's various aspects, from Nobel literature to pub culture
Living in Iceland and the standard of living
Living in Iceland and the standard of living is high,the weather is unpredictable, the language unfamiliar, the cost of living sky-high, the inhabitants are strange, but don't worry, we'll give you some hints on how to make the most of living in Iceland
How do I go to Iceland? Getting there easy!
Getting there. There is no motorway heading to Iceland, but you can either sail or fly
Weather in Iceland
The weather in Iceland and the forecast for windy, rainy, snowy and sunny Iceland, in Icelandic, with an adequate glossary
Top Hotels in Iceland
Top hotels, a few hotels in Iceland we feel we can safely recommend
Restaurants in Iceland
A list of restaurants in Iceland we feel we can safely recommend, not least for vegetarians and vegans
About the website and the tools I used building it and recommended browser tools
Timeshare in Iceland to enjoy all regions of the country. In this magical land nature in all its raw fury is only steps away.
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