Top Hotels in Iceland


Here is a list of top hotels in Iceland. I am sure that you will find something here that will satisfy your taste. 

You have to keep in mind that hotels in Iceland are expensive compared with hotels in France or even Denmark, so maybe you should be looking for B&B.

Nevertheless, these hotels are top class and for those of you who want to have a look at the Nightlife Wilderness in Reykjavík, they are conveniently situated.



This hotel is located right in the heart of the old city, just across the charming cathedral and the venerable House of Parliament.


Hotel Borg

Pósthússtæti 11

101 Reykjavík

+354 551 1440


The site is quite unique, spot-on in the middle of a lava wonderland by the lake.


Hotel Reynihlíð

660 Mývatn

+354 464 4170


A luxurious hotel in the middle of a beautiful lava field on the Snæfellsnes south coast.


Hotel Búðir

365 Snæfellsnes

+354 435 6700


Across the street from the hilltop church of Hallgrímskirkja, this hotel is a short walk from most of Reykjavík's major attractions and is not very expensive.


Hotel Leifur Eiriksson

Skólavörðustígur 45

101 Reykjavík

+354 562 0800


On the east coast of the Vestfirðir peninsula, an astonishingly good hotel and a gourmet restaurant in the wilderness. Look out for the sorcerer's abode.


Hotel Laugarhóll

510 Hólmavík

+354 451 3380