Kerid is on the Golden circle. When you drive from Reykjavík to the Geysir area, you may choose to take the road that leads you to the area called Grímsnes. From Reykjavík, you choose the eastern road (the one leading to Vík), and once you have passed Hveragerði, a beautiful little town chock-full of hothouses and hot-springs (tne place where they allegedly grow bananas), you drive towards Selfoss, but just before you arrive, you turn left. The road leads you northwards along the mountain called Ingólfsfjall, to a bridge across the river Sogið, a peaceful spot. The road continues through shrubbery and summer houses, and this is where you should watch out for that sign post Kerið.

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Kerid Kerid

It is actually a small mountain, and it is not steep.  It is a gorgeous red -  at least when the sun shines on it -  streaked  with  blackish  hues  and a little moss and grass here and there. When you get to the top, you find yourself standing on the rim of a crater - and down below, there is a lake, amazingly aquamarine. Check it out.

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