Graffiti is a form of artistic expression. It is controversial, a rebel art form, widely outlawed. A few years ago, the walls of Reykjavík started sprouting some weird flowers. Let’s have a look:


Some are definitely monkey business.

Monkey business!


Some involve a good deal of coverage.

101 Plage ou 101 Beach

Some are more colourful than others.


Icepick in red and yellow

There is even the odd yellow submarine, sailing up to the side of a sturdy  4x4.

Yellow submarine

Some are slightly nasty and convey a subtle, political message. For instance, this one says: Smile, you idiot. Insiders know that this refers to the dam and the aluminium plants.

Smile you idiot!

Some graffiti contain profound thoughts, to be continued on a nearby wall.

Profound Thoughts

More Profound Thoughts

Profound Thoughts Continued

Framed Graffiti.


This one states it bluntly: I never voted for the Progressive Party.
Well, who did?

Who woted Progressive?


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