Health-Insurance is a safety net for those residing in Iceland

There are three types of social insurance in Iceland, pension, health-insurance and an individual  pension-plan.

Pension is paid out to all persons who are 67 years of age or older, regardless of their class or marital status. In order to be entitled to a pension, a person must have resided in Iceland for a minimum of three years between the ages of 16 and 67. A full pension is granted to those who have resided in Iceland for at least 40 years between the ages of 16 and 67. And of course there are special pensions for invalids, children, widows/widowers and so on...

Health-Insurance: Those who have been resident in Iceland for at least 6 months are entitled to health insurance. Of course, this means they hold a residence permit issued by the Icelandic Directorate of Immigration.

Most employees contribute an additional 2-4 % to an occupational pension fund and their employers pay an additional 2% contribution into that plan.

Immigrants from European EEA-countries covered by health insurance in their home countries enjoy health-insurance coverage in Iceland as of the date of their arrival, provided that they submit the required documents of proof to the State Social Security Institute (SSI). 

Citizens from other EEA-countries need to bring all required documents, such as the required E-form as the case may be or the new European health-insurance card.

E-forms - What are they? How do they work?

The form E-101 is useful to the employee holding a temporary job (with max. 1 year duration) who may still be covered by the social insurance of his/her home country. The insurance is confirmed by the form E-101. There are some conditions you have to fulfill in order to obtain the form, i.e. you must state that your employer has a workstation in an EEA-country.

The form E-104 is valid during a limited insurance period, as regards illness insurance when an individual moves.

The form E-205 is intended for pension insurance.

The form E-111 is used to demonstrate entitlement to assistance in acute health incidents when moving to Iceland for a short period, either for holidays or for business. This is the form to use when emergency assistance is needed. The family of the individual is entitled to the same rights. The E-111 was replaced by the EU Health Card in Iceland in 2005.

The form E-119 certifies the right to receive health services during job-seeking periods. This states the right of the unemployed to health services and benefits in Iceland during job-seeking periods. This form is used with the E-303 form, see below. The EU Health Card will replace the E-119 in due course.

The relevant institute in your homeland issues the certificates E-301, E-302, E-303/0-E-303/5.

Source: State Social Security

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